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Introducing Marius

The Marius Saberlock.   A reliable electronic and encrypted door lock that resists lock picking and bump-keys, is immune to viruses, and can’t be hacked via a smartphone app.

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The Problem

Image quadrant, top left to bottom right: Open modern door, lock picking set, smartphone getting hacked, and thief breaking into front door.
  • Phone apps can photograph your door keys, making it easy to duplicate and gain entry.
  • Renters make up nearly 48 million U.S. households – 85% more likely to experience a burglary than homeowners.*
  • Wi-Fi enabled devices like smartphones are vulnerable to hacking.

*According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)

What is Marius

  • Marius electronic door lock uses strong and secure AES encryption technology.
  • Easy-to-install security system in homes; safeguards family and valuables.
  • Radio key fob provides reliable security and convenience for renters and homeowners.
Matrix like falling word in background with front first half of a lock and the bottom half is binary to represent encryption.

Why Marius

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  • Marius Saberlock is rugged and durable, built with metal gears to engage and strengthen deadbolt.
  • Equipped with universal adapter to fit most standard residential deadbolts in America.
  • Uniquely engineered to eliminate known vulnerabilities by preventing lock-picking, bumping and digital intrusion from hackers.

Technical Specifications


  • Powered by (4) AA batteries
  • 128-bit AES encryption
  • Operates with radio-controlled key fob
  • No smartphone required and not vulnerable to app hacks
  • No internet connectivity; immune to viruses
  • Vibration codes in key fobs indicate operational status


  • Lock pick and bump-key resistant
  • Prevents key entry; app that duplicates keys is rendered useless
  • Manual egress handle allows you to manually lock or unlock the deadbolt
  • Functions just like a deadbolt for routine and emergency egress from home


  • Each lock can support up to 10 key fobs
  • Allows multiple household members to have their own key fob
  • Multiple locks controllable by one fob
  • For households with multiple entry points
  • Ideal for in-home caregivers. Can use one fob for their own residence, another for parents’ residence (no need to carry multiple fobs)


  • No modification needed for deadbolt – the lock adheres to the door
  • Easy installation
  • Adapts to commonly-available variety of deadbolts
  • Portable
  • Easily removed to move with you
  • Can fit deadbolts on either the left or right side of doors



Marius on a wood background.Marius on a wood background.


Our Team

Imperium Electronics Team standing on colorful electric circuit background. Left to right is Jason, Quentin, Barry, and Kim.


Jason Plankers


Jason co-founded Imperium Electronics in 2016. His goal? To vastly improve security for renters and homeowners with the newly developed Marius Saberlock. Prior to founding this company, Jason has worked at a variety of established corporations, including Wells Fargo. Under his leadership, Imperium Electronics took a simple idea and built a team dedicated to the development, promotion, and release of the Marius Saberlock.


Kim A. Foster

Chief Technical and Manufacturing Officer

Kim is co-founder, Chief Technical and Manufacturing Officer of Imperium Electronics. Prior to this, he was a rocket scientist for 35 years with Lockheed Martin working on the Hubble Space Telescope, and as program manager on Lunar Prospector and Spritzer Space Telescope, he gave the “go for launch.” Kim has a BSEE from Oregon State University and is chair of the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce’s Government Economic Affairs Committee.


Quentin Pierce

Hardware Engineer

Quentin has more than 18 years of experience designing oscilloscope subsystems, writing software CAD tools, and conceiving devices for the Internet of Things (IoT). He worked previously at Tektronix and Intel and uses both hardware and software skills to shape various devices. Currently, he is developing the electronics and firmware used to power and operate the Marius Saberlock.


Barry Cadish

Senior Writer/Editor

Barry is an accomplished copywriter and editor with expertise in campaign and content development, strategic thinking and branding for local, regional and national clients. He has written and produced radio, TV and video scripts, winning awards for many B2B and consumer campaigns. In his role at Imperium Electronics, he is involved in marketing communications and creative development.


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