Left is imperium electronics logo on circuit background, right top is a desk with notepad, phone, and glass, and right bottom is the Colosseum.

Imperium Electronics

Innovation made simple


Our company name – Imperium – comes from ancient Rome. It essentially means the “power to command” and refers to both military and judicial authority. The term was first used in Rome under the republic (c. 509 B.C. – 27 B.C.) when imperium was granted to individuals known as magistrates.


These magistrates would operate in what they considered to be the best interests of the state. With these characteristics in mind, Imperium Electronics was founded in 2016. We believe the power of innovation combined with a command of technology can vastly improve the lives of our customers.

Birth of Marius

Taking the Roman theme one step further, the Marius Saberlock, our flagship product, was named after Gaius Marius, a successful Roman general and statesman. He was famous for his innovative reforms of Roman armies, improving both the structure and organization of the Roman legion.


Marius saw an urgent need to increase troop numbers. Until this time, the standard requirements to become a Roman soldier were very strict. To be considered a soldier in the service of the republic, an individual was required to provide his own arms and uniform for combat. Marius relaxed the recruitment policies, allowing unemployed masses to enlist for military service alongside the more fortunate citizens.

With these massive, energized troops, Marius defeated the invading Germanic tribes for which he was called "the third founder of Rome", transforming it from republic to empire. Similarly, the Marius Saberlock defeats intruders from gaining unlawful entry into a person’s home.

Modern Day Imperium Electronics

Today, more than 2,000 years later, Imperium Electronics was born. The company is made up of electrical and mechanical engineers, developers, project managers, and marketing professionals. Not content with being just an aggressive start-up, everyone at Imperium Electronics shares a single- minded vision for something greater: to be a commanding presence in the field of electronics by producing inspiring products that appeal to everyone.


Whenever and wherever you need to protect person and property, choose us first. By using innovative technology focused on unsurpassed safety, our mission is to create the ultimate peace of mind for you, your family and community.


To be a commanding presence in electronics by creating inspiring and useful products that fit your life and your lifestyle.


  • We hire people who are passionate about what they do – in life and in business.
  • We don’t cut corners or compromise quality.
  • We treat customers, colleagues and suppliers with respect.
  • We seek diverse thinking on every project, every day.
  • We reward hard work and work hard to enjoy life’s rewards.
  • We look to the future without losing sight of the present.
  • We want to flourish but will always put people before profits.